Roland Collicott

Roland Collicott is the senior consultant and founder of Chalpharm consultancy. Roland has a broad background in pharmaceutical R&D. He is widely experienced in analytical method development and validation and other CMC issues to regulatory requirements.

Having worked in a range of pharmaceutical companies: Glaxo, British Biotech and OSI Pharmaceuticals, Roland has demonstrated an adaptability and flexibility. He has achieved a number of successes in his career:


OSI Pharmaceuticals (UK) Ltd
Section Head, managing the development and validation of analytical methods. Responsible for stability testing of drug substance and drug products, and establishment of shelf lives. Represented the company on UK pharmaceutical sciences group (PASG). Collation of data from a variety of sources for polymorphism studies. Coordination of analysis using a wide range of techniques, from internal and external facilities. Worked effectively with contractors, principally in Europe and US.

British Biotech, Oxford, UK
Managed a team of graduates, providing analytical support for development and manufacturing chemistry. Development and validation of analytical methods to ICH guidelines. Specialised in chiral and polymorphic analysis.

Glaxo Group Research, Greenford, UK
Comprehensive foundation in analytical chemistry, culminating as senior scientist. Specialised in chromatography. Introduced HPLC as a chiral separation tool. Used preparative chromatography to isolate unknown impurities for analysis by MS and NMR.

Qualifications and registrations

PhD (Synthesis of novel organosilicon compounds for the chiral analysis of pharmaceutical compounds).

Grad RSC.

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