Courses for Analytical Chemists

On-site courses provide a cost-effective means of delivering the training that allows you to get the best out of your staff and equipment. Documented training is essential for compliance with GMP. Training sessions and workshops are stimulating and meet the continuing professional development needs of your staff.

Suggested timings are included, but these can be varied to best meet your needs.

General GMP

The principles and essentials of GMP 45 minutes

GMP in the Analytical Lab

A number of modules can be provided to cover the topics listed below. Half day

General Analytical Modules

Technology Transfer

Specialised Analytical Modules

Workshops / laboratory visit

Depending on your requirements, workshop activities can be included, which are stimulating and instructive. Some companies also find it useful if I visit their analytical lab and comment on existing procedures.


Courses can be moulded to fulfil your particular requirements, taking into account the training wants of your individuals and the needs of your business.